Our team of Governance and Management of Partner Dispute lawyers intervenes in the setting up of governance patterns as well as in amicable and judicial management of partner dispute cases.


LERINS & BCW assists partners and executives in their governance projects by providing them with a methodology for reflection and decision-making.

The firm also intervenes in the negotiation and drafting of efficient tools intended on one hand to establish the defined governance and on the other to prevent partner disputes before they happen.

Management of shareholder disputes

LERINS & BCW assists its clients in partner disputes through the analysis of their situation as well as the elaboration of resolution strategies followed by their  amicable or judicial implementation, thanks to specific methodological tools and negotiation techniques.

LERINS & BCW has set up a specialized team with transversal competencies covering all the legal aspects of partner disputes:

  • Company Law
  • Social law
  • Litigation
  • Management Package
  • Criminal Business Law

Partner Rights

LERINS & BCW assists partners in the protection and the implementation of their rights during events that concern them:

  • General Assembly meetings
  • Governance body decisions
  • Corporate actions
  • Information rights.

Executive Liability

LERINS & BCW assists executives in the anticipation and management of their liability implementation:

  • Civil and personal liability of executives
  • Criminal liability of executives
  • Risk prevention for executives.

Find out more information on our governance and management of partner dispute homepage:

Governance and management of partner disputes: our areas of intervention

  • Methodological support for the implementation of governance rules
  • Drafting of statutes, partner pacts, corporate body internal rules, corporate body member charters
  • Management of conflicts between founding partners
  • Management of conflicts at the heart of family companies
  • Management of conflicts between operational partners and professional investors
  • Ceasing to manage a company and its capital
  • Implementation of partner and/or statutes pacts

Governance and management of partner disputes: our clients

  • Executives
  • Majority or minority shareholders
  • Family companies
  • Patrimonial companies
  • Investors
  • Joint ventures
  • Start-ups



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