Our team of Public Law lawyers serves the interests of companies and users in their relations with public authorities (State, public institutions, territorial collectivities).

LERINS & BCW has developed a recognized expertise serving economic players in their relations with institutions, administrations and public bodies.

Public Law: our areas of intervention

Public Health Law

  • Relations with the regulatory authorities (Health Ministry and regional health agencies)
  • Healthcare authorization litigation
  • Cooperation between public and private healthcare facilities (GCS, GHT, regroupings)
  • Tariff litigation (T2A, CCAM, NGAP, repetition of undue payments and financial sanctions)

Public Markets

  • Evicted candidate litigation (pre-contractual reference and Tropic appeal)
  • Counsel and litigation in contract implementation (interpretation, termination, etc.)


  • Litigation related to urban planning authorization, building permits, construction and works declarations, etc.

Public Law: our clients

  • Healthcare establishments (public or private)
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Real estate ownership
  • ESPIC and EPA
  • Regional authorities
  • Manufacturers
  • Individuals


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