Our team of Criminal Business Law lawyers assists its clients in the  anticipation and management of criminal and repressive risk in all areas of Business Law.

LERINS & BCW assists its clients in the anticipation and management of criminal and repressive risk:

  • Performing audits
  • Raising awareness and tailor-made training for the concerned executives and staff
  • Assistance in setting up delegation of authority chains
  • Assisting the company and its executives, either accused or victims, in all criminal procedure stages, before the investigating or prosecuting authorities and correctional courts.

Sensitized to the image repercussions generated by the realization of criminal risk, LERINS & BCW has developed privileged partnerships with crisis management and media-relation professionals who can at any moment intervene alongside them.

By belonging to two international networks, LERINS & BCW is able to assist its clients in the criminal proceedings they may be confronted with abroad.

Criminal Business Law: our areas of intervention

  • Economic Crime: breach of trust, scam, misuse of public assets, fraud
  • Criminal Stock Market Law: insider trading, market manipulation, failure to properly declare threshold crossing
  • Criminal Employment Law: manslaughter or accidental injury, concealed work, illicit supply of workers, obstruction, discriminations
  • Infringement of specific regulation.

Criminal Business Law: our clients

  • French and foreign companies
  • Executives
  • Employees benefiting from a delegation of authority


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