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Our team of Health Law lawyers serves healthcare actors using their recognized expertise.

LERINS & BCW serves healthcare actors using their recognized expertise in the following fields.

Health Law: our areas of intervention

Restructuring of Healthcare Establishments

  • Repurchasing or handover of establishments or activities requiring licensing
  • Acquisition of majority or minority interests
  • Assistance and consulting in establishment restructuring operations
  • Healthcare establishment operational engineering
  • Architectural restructurings and healthcare real estate
  • Audits

Healthcare Contractual and Regulation Law

  • Counseling and litigation related to practitioner employment contracts
  • Counseling and litigation related to liberal professionals’ practice structures
  • Assisting and advising in the obtainment and renewal of administrative authorizations of care and extensive material supplies
  • Relations with regulatory agencies
  • Cooperations
  • Telemedecine

Healthcare and Social Services Law

  • Healthcare establishments (private, public, ESPIC)
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Social healthcare and medical-social establishments
  • Sanitary cooperation groups
  • Regional hospital groups

Pricing Law

  • Repeated undue payments
  • Financial sanctions

Legal Liability

  • Healthcare professional liability (including Disciplinary Law)
  • Healthcare establishment liability
  • Defective goods liability
  • Healthcare provider liability

Health Law: our clients

  • Healthcare establishments
  • Healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, biologists, dental-surgeons)
  • Health industry firms
  • Health service providers



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